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See What Our Clients Are Saying

Excellent Lawyer

“Maria is an excellent lawyer! She is knowledgeable, and honest about the facts of any case. She speaks frankly when necessary to help clients understand their situation. Maria is able to beat a case before it even begins! She instills confidence in her clients through her hard work, and high level of professional experience. It’s rare to find a lawyer with so much practical experience. Maria is also more than fare with her fees, and never overcharges. If you need legal assistance she should be your first call!”

- Kyle M.

Collaborative Family Law for Respectful Divorce Settlements in London & Area

Don’t want to go to Family Court to resolve an issue? Mendes Law Firm provides Collaborative Family Law services in London and surrounding areas to help dissolve your marriage respectfully, without going to court. Collaborative Family Law is a negotiation process involving the two parties and their collaborative lawyers to reach a mutual agreement for separation or divorce. Maria is an experienced attorney. She can help you negotiate a final agreement without any judicial intervention.


Maria is a professional who has helped many families preserve the family unit by developing constructive relations post-separation. Collaborative family law helps in avoiding serious problems in the long term. When you come to us for a collaborative agreement, we try our best to get you a deal that makes you happy.

Shot of two lawyers shaking hands in greeting

The Collaborative Approach

The Collaborative Family Law process provides separating couples with Independent legal advice at the negotiating table while resolving their family and financial concerns in a respectful environment with flexibility and mutual control, all in a confidential setting without going to court and keeping your children’s best interests in focus at all times.


The Collaborative Family Law process aims to preserve family relationships in order to minimize and avoid future conflicts.


Maria will help you understand your rights and obligations before making long-term decisions. You can count on Maria to advise and support you throughout the process.

Mutual Agreements Go a Long Way

Our lawyer can help you get heard and resolve a divorce case without going to court.

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