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See What Our Clients Are Saying

Excellent Lawyer

“Maria is an excellent lawyer! She is knowledgeable, and honest about the facts of any case. She speaks frankly when necessary to help clients understand their situation. Maria is able to beat a case before it even begins! She instills confidence in her clients through her hard work, and high level of professional experience. It’s rare to find a lawyer with so much practical experience. Maria is also more than fare with her fees, and never overcharges. If you need legal assistance she should be your first call!”

- Kyle M.

Family Lawyer in London & Area to Resolve Disputes

Mendes Law Firm is committed to providing sound legal advice to the residents of London and surrounding areas. With over 3 decades of experience navigating legal concerns in family law and estate law, our skilled family lawyer, Maria, can give you the support and representation you need in your case. 


Maria believes in giving her clients the attention and time they need during the legal process. At Mendes Law Firm, we focus on providing client-centered practical legal solutions. Whether you are going through a divorce or want to settle a family dispute, Maria can help you!

Personalized Consultation

Every person is different and has a different way of expression. Keeping a client-centric approach at the core of our values, we create solutions that are unique to every person. You can rely on us for legal advice in matters concerning:

Going Through a Family Separation?

You deserve the right legal advice and support to get through the process efficiently.

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